Quando Para Mucho

London street

My daughter shot this photo of a London street a few weeks ago … do you know it? (Thanks Lily!)

Turn around 180 degrees and you have:


Check out the live webcam from the U.K.’s most famous crossing!

5 Responses to “Quando Para Mucho”

  1. i guess cause of all the tourists, they’ve made all the dashed lines into crooked lines? Trying to help them from being run over by angry locals?

  2. 30daysout Says:

    Well, maybe if you’re on LSD they look straight.

  3. 30daysout Says:

    Oh, I should have mentioned this in the post … in the famous photo of the Beatles crossing Abbey Road, the recording studios are on the left, behind that white fence just beyond the Volkswagen (28 IF).

  4. magic alex Says:

    It’s looking the other way for starters… also, sadly, the original zebra crossing has long gone, and was a few metres more towards the studio than the current one. I know because I have measured it. xxx

  5. maxnovec0 Says:

    Ok, it’s easy…. is Abbey Road of course!!!

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