Bad Career Moves, Part 2


In the years following the Beatles’ breakup, the only member of the Fab Four to start a real group of his own was Paul McCartney.  Wings, which included former Moody Blues member Denny Laine and Paul’s wife Linda, had its moments but more often the music was distressingly bad – especially for someone who just a few years before wrote and sang some of rock’s greatest songs.

Wild Life, the 1971 album that introduced Wings, was the worst.  To be fair, McCartney was still struggling to get a handle on his post-Beatles career, and Wild Life did have a few decent songs.   McCartney admired Bob Dylan’s organic, simple recording style and tried to emulate that but he forgot one thing – the songs.  “Mumbo” and “Bip Bop” sound unfinished – the former was made up on the spot – and the synthesized cover of Mickey and Sylvia’s “Love Is Strange” was kind of, well, strange.

Of course, McCartney and Wings would rebound spectacularly in 1973 with the title song from the James Bond movie Live And Let Die, and later that year, Band On The Run.  McCartney would again flirt with total suck-osity in the 1980s (Give My Regard To Broad Street, a movie and a record with remakes of Beatles songs) and the 1990s (Off The Ground), but by that time nobody cared any more.

Sir Paul is now something of a beloved entertainer, made even more so by his announcement last year that he’s retiring from live performances (after this tour) and the fact that his old Beatles fans are getting older.  McCartney is that rare entertainer who has given us so much to love, and so much to hate.

MP3: “Bip Bop”

MP3: “Mumbo”

Paul McCartney official website

Tomorrow: It was all downhill after Woodstock …

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