The music of “One Tree Hill”


As season 5 ends, Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) is sitting in the airport, he picks up his phone, and says “I have two tickets to Vegas, do you want to get married?” Three girls; Lindsey (Michaela McManus), Brooke (Sophia Bush), and Peyton (Hilarie Burton) all say hello and then the screen fades to black. I figure I’ll find out what happens the next day. However, instead of going to season 6, SoapNet goes back to season 1, leaving me hanging.

I know you’re probably shaking your head, or thinking I’m a big fan of candelabras, but we all have our guilty pleasures, and One Tree Hill happens to be mine. Yes, I tape it every day and watch it every night. Not only is the show entertaining, but the producers and the music coordinators are really tuned into some good indie music. Like I said in a post earlier this year, if it wasn’t for shows like One Tree Hill, I never would have come across most, if not all, of these bands.

The show has introduced me to Jack’s Mannequin, Pete Francis, Kate Voegele, The National (“Start A War” kicks ass), Michelle Featherstone, Ray LaMontagne, The Veils, The Go! Team (“Huddle Formation” is cool) and Adele (who’s “Hometown Glory” is epic). They’ve even dusted off classics like Led Zeppelin’s “Baby, I’m Gonna Leave You” (which I hadn’t heard in a long and really sounds good on TV) and Ryan Adams’ haunting masterpieces”Avalanche” and “The Shadowlands.”

It’s too bad that we have to rely on TV these days to help us find new artists and hear great older songs. What the hell happened to radio? If you want to hear new artists on radio these days, you have to pay for it. With the exception of a few stations around the country (KGSR in Austin is one), SiriusXM Radio is the only place you have a chance to hear new artists….unless of course you have SoapNet and tune in from 1pm-3pm EST every day and watch One Tree Hill. Give it a shot, if nothing else, there is plenty of nice scenery…if you know what I mean.

One Tree Hill Official Website

“Start A War” by The National

“Hometown Glory” by Adele

“Huddle Formation” by The Go! Team

“Untold” by Pete Francis

“God Bless the Child” by Michelle Featherstone

2 Responses to “The music of “One Tree Hill””

  1. oth is my fav tv series

  2. Waiting for nice teen drama season 8 now…

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