Rock Star Sighting: My dinner with Greg Kihn


Back in 1999 I was doing a radio program called “Radio Healthline” as part of my public relations job at a floudering Houston medical school. I would produce eight one-minute stories, put them on CD, send them to radio stations all over the country, and no one would play them (I don’t know this for sure, but I know if I owned a station, I wouldn’t have). During the summer, I attended the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Radio Show in Orlando, a weeklong convention consisting of boring panel discussions, plenty of ass kissing and lots of rubber chicken. In an effort to justify my existence, I went around to various networks trying to peddle a product I knew was worthless. I guess I sent that message out to the universe because all I remember was that the the pool was nice and that I came home with the same number of CDs I left with.


One night an Internet radio network (what a joke that was) was throwing a party at Hooters and I happened to get an invite. So I’m looking around making small talk with a few douchebags, when I spotted a guy who looked familiar. I said to myself…”Is that Greg Kihn?” Sure enough it was. He had his own radio show and I think he was looking for a network gig in a pair of flip flops and an Hawaiian shirt. Anyway, I introduced myself and for some reason he invited me to sit and eat chicken wings at his table. We downed countless wings, and as we stared at and commented on numerous fake breasts, he told us about life on the road, how the music business sucked, and how Elvis Costello got pissed off when, during a tour of Europe, the guys on the bus thought it would be funny to put a cigarette in his mouth while he was sleeping.

Kihn was funny and very personable and it was a great time. The other guy sitting at the table looked like actor Michael Zorek, who played “Bubba” in the 1983 movie Private School starring Phoebe Cates. This guy had no clue who Kihn was. All I remember is that he kept saying…”so when are we going to make a deal?” Kihn just kept eating and staring at tits. Rock stars…you gotta love ’em.

Greg Kihn Official Website

“The Breakup Song” by Greg Kihn Band

“Rendezvous” (Springsteen Cover)  by Greg Kihn Band

“Jeopardy” by Greg Kihn Band

Michael Zorek as “Bubba” in Private School

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