Listen up, Hippies! Joe Friday’s Talking!

The greatest TV show of all time was “Dragnet.”  Especially in its later incarnation, in the late 1960s, when straight-laced cops Joe Friday and Bill Gannon encountered all sorts of hippies and freaks on the mean streets of L.A.  Jack Webb, the star, producer and head writer, was a pretty good actor and his Sgt. Friday character was great – there has never been anyone else like him on TV.  Everybody’s favorite episode is “The LSD Story,” from 1967, which features a character called the “Blue Boy.”

When I was a reporter at the Port Arthur News in the late 1970s-early 1980s this guy used to call up and claim he was former child actor Roger Mobley.  He was some kind of policeman in Beaumont, a Vietnam veteran and a born-again Christian.  I knew he was in some “Dragnet” episodes but all he wanted to talk about was Jesus so I never could really be sure it was really the actor (it probably was).  Anyway, you’d think maybe this kid found Jesus after having a bad trip or something – or maybe he was on the set when Jack Webb delivered this stern lecture:

Man, I still love “Dragnet.”

Badge 714 – The “Dragnet” Webb-site

One Response to “Listen up, Hippies! Joe Friday’s Talking!”

  1. Love that Blue Boy! By the way, Joe Friday might be interested to know that most of the people in Los Angeles County ARE raving psychotics.

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