30 Days Exclusive Interview: Tommy Farese, vocalist, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Part 3


This is our third interview with the great Tommy Farese, vocalist, for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO). Farese is lead vocalist for the tunes “Ornament” and “This Christmas Day,” two show highlights. With a new album and a new tour starting this weekend, we figured we would check in with Tommy to see how things were going. Enjoy.

30 Days Out: What’s it like after you guys have been away from each other for a year? How long does it take to get back to being a band again?

TF: It’s like having family far away who you haven’t seen all year. Once you’re together you just pick up where you left off.

30 Days Out: How long does it take to get your voice back in shape for the more than two month grind? Are there anyperformance2 special things that you do to get yourself ready?

TF: With the voice I use for TSO, I don’t really need to do anything. The raspier, the better for the songs I sing. Now for other types of songs, or should I say other projects with a cleaner sound, I recommend getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night.

30 Days Out: Why do you think people keep coming back year after year? Is it the band or the story?

TF: I believe it’s both. One can’t live without the other. If you have a brilliant idea and the right people at the right place at the right time, it’s just magic, which is what this show is.

30 Days Out: What was your part on the new album, Night Castle?

TF: I just did some background vocal. There are so many great singers with TSO that it’s only fair that some of the others get their shot to be on our records.

30 Days Out: How much of the album will you guys be doing on tour this year?

TF: I’m not going to give that one away. Lets just say that everyone, both east and west coast tours, are in for some new stuff and a lot of surprises.

30 Days Out: Tell us about the grind of playing two shows a day. How do you guys stay healthy?

TF: LOL. We don’t stay healthy. We shake at least 700 to 1,000 hands per show, and as many precautions as you take, there’s really nothing you can do to avoid getting sick. We just all tough it out. The travel and the two shows a day can be a little hectic, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

30 Days Out: How does the “meet and greet” work with the band after the show?

TF: Meet and greets before the show are usually for radio and special guests. After the show, whoever gets in line first gets the first crack at us. I think its what sets us apart from most other acts and meeting new people every day is the best part of the whole experience for me.

30 Days Out: How important is it for you guys to connect with fans on the road?

TF: Connecting with people is the whole point. Without it we wouldn’t be where we are today. There is no way we could have lasted this long with our fans if we didn’t get out there and meet them.

Check out our other two interviews with Tommy Farese. Also, check out our interview with TSO violinist, Anna Phoebe.

Tommy Farese Official Website

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Official Website

“Ornament” – TSO (featuring Tommy Farese)

“This Christmas Day” – TSO (featuring Tommy Farese)

6 Responses to “30 Days Exclusive Interview: Tommy Farese, vocalist, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Part 3”

  1. KC Henderson Says:

    There is NOTHING, other than being with my family, that I look forward to more than seeing TSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible, Awesome, Moving, Rocking, Tear Jerking, Phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. TSO means so much that I tattooed it all over my back, Featuring Tommy Farese!

  3. Oh man, can you send us a photo of that?

  4. Carol A. Brandt Says:

    My holiday celebration would be incomplete without seeing TSO in concert. I hope and pray they can and will continue to amaze and astound us for many more years to come. God bless you TSO.

  5. Tommy please stay with the band! Im 12 Years old and go to the concert every year I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Really missed you Tommy tonight at the Vegas show…….. Love you!

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