“Must Be Christmas,” Bob Dylan’s Having A Party!

“Must Be Christmas” is the new Christmas polka from Bob Dylan, off his album Christmas From The Heart.  It kind of shows what happens when Bob hosts a wild party at his house and everyone gets a little drunk.  In the video, Dylan is dressed up like Tom Petty for Halloween … it’s still pretty damn funny.  And Bob has agreed to donate every penny he makes off the Christmas album to charities that will feed hungry families over the holidays. This is, incidentally, one of the greatest Christmas songs ever: listen closely, and as Bob is reeling off names of Santa’s reindeer he throws in some U.S. presidents too.

Bob Dylan official website

One Response to ““Must Be Christmas,” Bob Dylan’s Having A Party!”

  1. This video is great, good to see the old timer still having a good time. I think it’s also awesome that all of the proceeds from the Xmas album are going to a charity feeding American families during the holiday season. All the more reason to feel good about this one.

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