Review: “Y Not,” Ringo Starr

As he approaches his 70th birthday this summer, Ringo Starr emerges with a new album, his 15th studio set since the breakup of the Beatles.  More than Paul McCartney – and much like John Lennon and George Harrison, when they were alive – Ringo has embodied the heart of the Beatles’ mystique and 1960s message of peace and love.  Y Not, the new album, steps up with that charming message and shares Ringo’s ideas on how to hold on to those attributes in a world that seems to have long forgotten them.

“Peace Dream” is Ringo’s version of “Imagine,” and he even name-drops his old bandmate John as he dreams of a world that’s “a better place for you and me.”  “Who’s Your Daddy” is a laconic rocker powered by a sultry guest vocal from Joss Stone, while “Fill In The Blanks” allows Ringo to rock out with the song’s co-writer and his brother-in-law Joe Walsh.  And Paul McCartney sings backup on the affecting “Walk With You,” co-written by Ringo and Van Dyke Parks.

Of course Ringo would get a little help from his friends – but the A-list guest stars actually enhance the offhand charm that is Ringo’s trademark.  With its shrug of a title, Y Not is a warm invitation to open your heart to a simpler era, when Beatles walked the earth and all you needed was love.

MP3: “Who’s Your Daddy” by Ringo Starr (with Joss Stone)

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3 Responses to “Review: “Y Not,” Ringo Starr”

  1. Scott Weaber Says:

    Ringo’s new album “Y Not” is his best in years. No kidding. Once you get the music started with “Fill In The Blanks”, a Starr/Joe Walsh classic already. Joe’ guitar riffs are better than ever and Ringo plays both piano and drums on this track. Paul joins Ringo on the rolling “Peace Dream” and this is one tune that you will enjoy getting stuck in your head. I’m a hardcore Ringo fan and I can be a harsh critic with my favorite Beatle but this is his best album since 1992’s “Time Takes Time”. There is a very healthy 1980’s feel to “Y Not” and it’s all good in Ringo’s case.

  2. Nice opening to a rocking song but alas not much of Ringo



  3. In recent years, Ringo has shown excellent taste in putting together his All-Star Bands, working with performers who complement him nicely. It’s no surprise that this record should be so good. Excellent choice of a cut, gents. Love that interplay between Joss and Ringo.

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