Springsteen part 2 on “Spectacle: Elvis Costello with..” set for Wednesday on Sundance

Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Costello sat down for a little four hour chat and played a few tunes last September. Last week’s first episode was a little laid back, however, it did feature an excellent acoustic version of “American Skin (41 Shots) and a lot of insite into The Boss’ early days and songwriting technique.

Part 2 features Bruce and Elvis rocking the Apollo Theater.  The first five minutes of Part 2 are amazing – and people from Houston will especially like one of the numbers. He talks about his kids, Elvis does a Patti song and if you’re a fan of the song “Seeds,” you are in for a treat.  The Spectacle season finale airs this Wednesday at at 9 p.m. CST on The Sundance Channel with repeats throughout the week.

We want to thank all of you who took part in our “Spectacle: Elvis Costello with…” contest last week.

The question was…what Bruce Springsteen song did Elvis Costello record and release?

The answer: Brilliant Disguise

The winner: David VanDyke, Louisville, KY.

Keep coming back because we will have more contests in the future.

“Spectacle: Elvis Costello with…” Official Website

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