New Song Alert! “Someone Came To Help Me” by Orange Is In

Click here to listen to “Someone Came To Help Me”

Houston rockers Orange Is In are back with “Someone Came to Help Me,” a single that tells the tale of a transplant patient and organ donor. It was inspired by the patients, donor families and caregivers at The Methodist Hospital Transplant Center in Houston.

Bassist Jeff Balke and vocalist George Kovacik played at a “Donate Life” event at the hospital two years in a row and the third year we thought it would be good to write a song for the event, and this is the result. Guitarist Chris Rogers added his special touch on guitar, banjo and behind the boards, both as engineer and mixer. The song will be available for download on a variety of services, including iTunes, in mid-March.

Orange Is In official website

Orange Is In Facebook page

Orange Is In Twitter page

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