SXSW: Emily Long, Rock Vixen/The Watermarks

Emily Long

Expect a sweaty dance party scene when Emily Long brings the catchy hooks and anthemic melodies of her debut album When I Was In Love With for a couple of shots at SXSW.  She opens for Ian McLagan and the Bump Band at the Dog and Duck Pub‘s annual St. Patrick’s Day party on Wednesday, then hits the Moose Lodge on Saturday at 11:30 a.m.

Houston’s own the Watermarks are also playing at the Moose Lodge, 10 p.m. Saturday.  The Watermarks effortlessly bridge the gap between rock and electronic music. The band are known not only for their incendiary live performances, but also their D.I.Y. approach to recording, writing, and producing which has yielded two self released EPs.  Indie rock D.I.Y. ethics, noise-pop sensibilities and electronic textures have led the band to craft a unique sound where melody is the main character …a  sound that is danceable and poppy yet full of loud guitars and heavy organic drums.

MP3: “Anyone Else” by Emily Long

Emily Long MySpace page

Emily Long Facebook page

The Watermarks

MP3: “I Used To Be Your Rock and Roll” by the Watermarks

The Watermarks official website

The Watermarks MySpace page

One Response to “SXSW: Emily Long, Rock Vixen/The Watermarks”

  1. Thanks a lot for posting this, from me and The Watermarks. See you there?

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