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Dennis Hopper, R.I.P.

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Actor Dennis Hopper died today at the age of 74.  He was a movie star and a movie director, but he is important to rock and roll for his role in the creation of Easy Rider, from 1969.  He took the music that he liked and put it into his movie, and created the movie soundtrack album that we know and love today.  Pretty cool.

An appreciation of Dennis Hopper, from the Los Angeles Times

MP3: “Born To Be Wild” by Steppenwolf (from the Easy Rider soundtrack)

MP3: “Wasn’t Born To Follow” by the Byrds (from the Easy Rider soundtrack)

MP3: Easy Rider movie promo for radio

MP3: “In Dreams” by Roy Orbison (from Blue Velvet)

Video of the Weekend: “Unknown Soldier”

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In America we celebrate Memorial Day this weekend, honoring those who have given their lives serving our nation over the years.  Wars may be fought for one dishonorable reason or another, but in this country the brave men and women in our military are willing to lay down their lives at any time for the freedom we all enjoy.

We salute you.

YouTube: “The Unknown Soldier” by the Doors, live at the Hollywood Bowl

Review: Three Day Weekend CD Reviews!

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I can’t remember a Memorial Day when there have been so many good albums out – or at least, albums that I like.  OK then: albums that are fairly universally acclaimed.  How’s that?  Anyway, let’s go through a handful of new ones then at the end of this post I’ll recap the best albums released so far this year.

Anders Osborne is a transplant from Sweden who settled in New Orleans in 1985 and since then has released albums of increasing quality.  American Patchwork, his first record for venerated blues label Alligator Records, is a sensational collection of tuneful blues/rock with heaping helpings of Osborne’s sizzling guitar work.  Osborne has a soulful voice and it’s showcased to perfection on “Echoes Of My Sins” and “Acapulco.”  You get some rockin’ guitar on “On The Road To Charlie Parker” and so on – this album is a powerful statement of purpose that can be a great starting point for Anders Osborne.  His backing band is sharp – Galactic’s Stanton Moore is the drummer and producer – and Osborne’s songs are an apt metaphor for his reborn adopted home city.  I love this album, and upon first listen I think you will too.

MP3: “Echoes Of My Sins” by Anders Osborne

YouTube: Anders Osborne doing a live in-store at New Orleans’ Louisiana Music Factory

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Your Sister’s (Record) Rack: Ten Years After

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It’s always cool to hear artists perform songs that you’ve always known from listening to records.  I remember once seeing the Who in the Houston Astrodome, and when Pete Townshend hit those familiar chords to begin “Pinball Wizard,” I literally got goosebumps because this was a song I’d heard thousands of times on the radio and on record.   It’s even better when an artist or band plays a song you had completely forgotten about.

This was the case last year at the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, held at the Bethel Woods Center in New York.  Ten Years After took the stage, and although Alvin Lee is no longer their frontman/guitarist, the band is still pretty good.  They were doing some of their familiar blues-rock things (and saving Woodstock highlight “I’m Going Home” for last) when one of the band asked, “Anybody like psychedelic songs?”  It was an introduction to the song “50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain,” from the 1970 album Cricklewood Green – which is the record we’re spinning today.

Woodstock happened in 1969, and the band’s performance of “I’m Going Home” at the festival and in the subsequent movie made them huge stars.  Ten Years After, led by fiery guitarist Alvin Lee, formed in 1966 – ten years after the first appearance of Elvis Presley, who Lee idolized.  TYA was a blues-rock band, in the style of the early Rolling Stones, and before the Woodstock watershed they made a minor name for themselves by touring Europe and the United States.  Their 1969 album Stonedhenge found them turning a little more experimental, but not really “psychedelic” (despite what the title implies) – the album featured some jazz and classical touches.

But when Cricklewood Green came out in 1970, TYA could now be considered a truly psychedelic outfit.  The eight songs that appear on the original LP were all written by Alvin Lee, but bandmates Chick Churchill (keyboards), Ric Lee (drums) and Leo Lyons (bass) apparently had a lot of input in the final sound of the entire record.  The result is a more comfortable and assured set than its predecessor, mixing the trademark blues workouts (“Me and My Baby”) with some songs featuring diverse styles (the rock shuffle “Working On the Road,”, the almost country-ish  “Year 3,000 Blues” and the ballad “Circles”).  Most likely, it’s the best album of the Alvin Lee years.

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Video of the Day: “O Mary Don’t You Weep”

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New Orleans musician Theresa Andersson (who is actually from Sweden) has a new DVD, “Theresa Andersson: Live at Le Petit,” and it features this amazing performance of the Civil War-era spiritual “O Mary Don’t You Weep.”  Theresa is a singer and a fiddler, but on this video you can see how she’s taken her performance to the edge to deliver something really new and exciting.  She so deftly blends her live performance with the backing track that it’s truly spellbinding to watch.  “Theresa Andersson: Live at Le Petit,” with special guests including the legendary Allen Toussaint, is available now at Theresa’s website.

Theresa Andersson official website

Video of the Day: “Spittin’ What I’m Livin’,” Flawless

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Here’s a new video from da Houston rapper Flawless The Hip Hop Elixir, featuring Magno – “Spittin’ What I’m Livin.”  The video is produced and directed by White Dawg Productions here in H-Town, it’s run by our good friend Marvin Suggs.  Here ya go!

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Flawless MySpace page

White Dawg Productions MySpace page

Jose Lima, R.I.P.

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Jose Lima - it's Lima Time! (Photo by Erin Skelley)

Usually we focus on music matters around here, but we just had to mark this weekend’s passing of former professional baseball pitcher Jose Lima.  Lima pitched for a number of teams during his career but he had his best years with the hometown Houston Astros, winning 21 games in 1999 and earning a spot on that season’s NL All-Star team.

We remember Jose as the free spirit who made every outing “Lima Time.”  Even when he was one of the Astros’ best pitchers, Jose ran with the Dome Patrol in the Astrodome, tossing out freebies and interacting with the crowd.  He was also a bit of a singer – more enthusiastic than talented, naturally – and he recorded a couple albums as the lead singer of a merengue band.  His TV commercials for the Mexican restaurant chain Casa Ole were classic.  As a Los Angeles Dodger, Lima would hang out with fans in the stadium parking lot after each game.  His shutout against the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2004 NLDS was classic, too.  So once more, let’s make it Lima Time.

Thanks to Erin Skelley (The Fantasy Girl) for the photo of Jose Lima roaming with the Dome Patrol!

Baseball stunned by death of Jose Lima, story from Detroit Free Press

MP3: “La Chiflera” by Toros Band y Jose Lima

Erin Skelley, The Fantasy Girl fantasy sports blog