Song of the Day: “Plundered My Soul”

If you’ve been living on another planet for the past week or so you may not know Exile On Main Street, the classic 1972 album by the Rolling Stones, was re-released yesterday with a whole bunch of bonus junk.  Exile shows up on a lot of “best of all time” lists, and it’s famous for a number of things including its gloriously shitty “basement” sound.  That apparently happened because some of the songs were supposedly put together and recorded in the basement of a mansion in the south of France.

So when they said they were reissuing Exile with remastered sound, I wondered: “What, are they going to make it sound shittier than it did in 1972?”  Well, yeah … kind of.  The new version sounds pretty good – mainly louder – and it makes you wonder how much of it really was recorded in a basement.  That’s the way it is with the Rolling Stones: you get the music, and you get the myth.  Pick up a copy of the new Exile on Main Street and you get plenty of both.

Video: “Plundered My Soul”

Official Rolling Stones website

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