Video of the Week: DropZ

If you take some DropZ you’re not ingesting a new sleep aid, you’re slammin’ some jams from L.A. hippity-hopper Drop Z.  To quote: “YO my playa luvin friendz, thiz iz Drop-O. When I flo Ima neva gonna stop-O My names DropZ & droppin hitz iz my game Thatz Y DropZ iz my name If U need 2 know mo about me Dont B judgin & dont ya neva doubt me.  Jus give a listen 2 tha hitz Ima droppin Makin 1 afta anutha run 4 cover I aint stoppin Ima doer not a dreamer walker not a talker What U seez iz what U getz no lookin back & no regretz Mean what I say & I say what I mean.”

I don’t know what the fuck he’s sayin’ either.  But I do like his new video, which is a tribute to Michael Jackson.  Genius or garbage?  You tell me.
YouTube: “Tha King A Pop” by DropZ

DropZ’s weird but entertaining MySpace page

Official DropZ website

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