Backyard Fireball: Barbecuin’!

I’m fixin’ to barbecue up some ribs this afternoon – with temperatures at my house expected to be around 95 today, it feels like freakin’ winter.  Yeah it’s been hotter than hell around here lately, but that can’t stop me from barbecuin’!

What about you?  All you need is a fire of some sort, and some meat – and some barbecue sauce to cover up what you screw up.  So let’s get started … you light the pit and I’ll cue up some tunes!

MP3: “Boogie Woogie Barbecue” by Mitch Woods

MP3:  “Barbeque” by Robert Earl Keen

MP3:  “Bar-B-Q” by ZZ Top

MP3: “(Take Out The Squeal) If You Want A Meal” by Earl Summer Jackson

MP3: “Barbecue Boogie” by Elvin Bishop

MP3: “The Original Queen Bee Barbecue” by Harley David

MP3: “Bar-B-Que” by Wendy Rene

MP3: “Eat Your Wife And Kiss The Barbecue” by Mount Righteous

MP3: “Hot Barbecue” by Boogaloo Baby

MP3: “Too Much Barbecue” by Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows

MP3: “Texas Cookin’ ” by Guy Clark

MP3: “BBQ” by The Master Plan

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