Adios, Buddy!

Ranger (2001-2010)

Damn …  it’s time to say goodbye to my back porch beer drinking buddy, ol’ Ranger.  He lived with us for about nine years and yesterday he moved on over to the next life.  Ranger’s heart was bigger than 10 backyards but it gave out too soon.

He wasn’t afraid of anything that crawled, climbed or slithered.  The heat or cold didn’t bother him, although he didn’t mind paying a visit indoors once in a while.  That sonovagun liked to run, but he never ran away.  Adios, big boy – we’ll keep your house in case you ever come this way again.

MP3: “Bugler” by the Byrds

MP3: “40 Dogs (Like Romeo and Juliet)” by Bob Schneider

MP3: “He’s A Good Dog” by Fred Eaglesmith

MP3: “Hound Dog” by Big Mama Thornton

MP3: “Walking The Dog” by Rufus Thomas

MP3: “Old Blue” by Roger McGuinn

MP3: “Salty Dog” by Flogging Molly

MP3: “Red Dog Speaks” by Elvin Bishop

MP3: “Queenie’s Song” by Guy Clark

MP3: “Old Dog” by Shelby Lynne

MP3: “I Wanna Be Your Dog” by the Stooges

MP3: “Goodbye” by Steve Earle

7 Responses to “Adios, Buddy!”

  1. so sorry to hear. I’m watching Henry get older, now 11, and it’s pretty bittersweet.

  2. my heart goes out to you. i had to put my bonnie, who was a 13 year old border collie, down earlier this year. she was an incredibly loyal dog, who would go everywhere with me… it was so hard to say goodbye, knowing she wanted to live, but her body was just way too fragile and her quality of life was just not the same. ugh… thanks for the music, and sharing a part of you with us.

    dave in sf

  3. 30daysout Says:

    Thanks, man.

  4. The post brought a tear to my eye and a wealth of memories of great companions that have gone onto greener pastures. The uncompromising love and companionship, character and personalities , my thought are with you through a hard time.



  5. Having been there and done that, I can’t help but offer condolences. There are few things in life as wonderful as the companionship of a good dog.

  6. Bob Bisnett Says:



  7. Bob Bisnett Says:

    A lovely tribute to an old friend.


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