Video of the Week: “Live Forever,” Joe Ely

This week is the beginning of school in most parts of the country – and over the weekend we took my daughter over to Austin where she begins her sophomore year at the University of Texas.

On Saturday night she went to Threadgill’s South to hear the great Joe Ely, who was celebrating the 40th birthday of the Armadillo World Headquarters (where the Threadgill’s restaurant now stands).  Joe played his version of Billy Joe Shaver’s “Live Forever,” and I thought it’s a perfect reflection this week for everyone about to start a new chapter of their lives – “gonna catch tomorrow now.”  Good luck to ya!

Joe Ely official website

Threadgill’s Home Cookin’ World Headquarters

2 Responses to “Video of the Week: “Live Forever,” Joe Ely”

  1. As someone who was there during the Armadillo days, I must point out that the Dillo itself was across Barton Springs Road from Threadgill’s WHQ’s current location (in those days, the Marimont cafeteria). The Dillo’s former site is now the driveway into One Texas Center, home to the City of Austin public works and watershed protection departments.

  2. 30daysout Says:

    As someone who was also there during the Armadillo days, as well as there last week, I must point out that the Dillo itself was where I said it was – more precisely, just west of the Threadgill’s restaurant on the same side of Barton Springs Road. Take a drive and you’ll see that One Texas Center is just behind the restaurant. How can you remember the location of something from 30 years ago, when you don’t even know the location of something (One Texas Center) that exists today?

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