Getting ready for the “Darkness” box: “Prove It All Night,” Phoenix 1978

This version of “Prove It All Night” with it’s stellar extended opening will be featured on DVD 2 in the massive Darkness On the Edge of Town box due Tuesday, Nov. 16. Denny Angelle attended the Houston ’78 show (DVD 3) that will be included in the box and he will tell us about that cold December night next Friday.

Bruce Springsteen official website

Backstreets magazine

3 Responses to “Getting ready for the “Darkness” box: “Prove It All Night,” Phoenix 1978”

  1. Thanks for posting this! Great song, great performance. Wish my view at the show had been that good.

  2. Great video! I’m really excited about this box set. If you’re a fan, you should go to There’s always more news about the box set there and you can preorder it!

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