‘Lemmy’ is a mother****er of a documentary

Lemmy, his own bad self (Photo by Robert John)

Don’t know about you, but my calendar’s marked for January of next year, when the documentary Lemmy: 49% Mother**ker, 51% Son Of A Bitch hits U.S. theaters.

Motörhead singer and bassist Lemmy Kilmister has spent the better part of the past four decades as the living embodiment of the rock and roll lifestyle.  Directed by Greg Olliver and Wes Orshoski, the film reveals Lemmy as never before and has already taken critics by storm, premiering to raves earlier this year at SXSW and screening at film festivals worldwide.

Boasting a star-studded lineup including Metallica, Dave Grohl, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, Jarvis Cocker, Joan Jett, Billy Bob Thornton, Slash, pro wrestler Triple H, and members of The Clash, Guns ‘N Roses, Jane’s Addiction, and more, the film offers a rare and revealing look at Lemmy’s life with candid at-home interviews, studio sessions, and priceless live concert footage.  “Lemmy rocks,” raves Variety, while Mojo calls the film “an unflinching and deeply humanizing portrait of one of modern music’s truly iconic figures.”

Lemmy hits select U.S. theaters beginning mid-January, mainly in large markets.  The DVD, a-two disc set with 4 hours of bonus features, will be released Feb. 15 and will be available for digital download and on BluRay.  The film has been a major hit at dozens of festivals around the world, including screenings in France, England, Spain, Australia, The Netherlands, South Korea and Chile.

In addition, Motörhead is currently celebrating its 35th anniversary. The Grammy-winning band will release its new album, The Wörld is Yours, in February, and kicks off its 2011 North American tour on Jan. 25 in Anaheim.

Lemmy: The Movie official website

Lemmy: The Movie Facebook page

YouTube: Teaser for the movie

Christmas Bonus:   MP3: “Run Rudolph Run” by Lemmy w/Dave Grohl and Billy Gibbons

MP3: “Ace Of Spades” (Slow version) by Motörhead (Recorded for a European beer commercial)

One Response to “‘Lemmy’ is a mother****er of a documentary”

  1. Love that slow version of “Ace Of Spades.” In the middle where he sings “I don’t want to live forever,” and then follows with “But apparently I am,” has me LOL, as they say.

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