Punk Rock Super Bowl

I can’t be sure, but I get the idea that the city of Dallas can’t wait to get this Super Bowl – and this weekend – over with.  It may have been one of the worst weeks for the city since, well … you know.  (I’m thinkin’ Super Bowl X, what are you thinkin’ about?)

It’s been rough because of the weather: a brutal blast of blue-balls winter that unfortunately blew in to the Metroplex along with hundreds of Northeastern Sports Media Types.  The disastrous result has been a shit-and-snowstorm of bad press, mostly from smartasses who can’t imagine a place where they don’t know what to do with snow.

Lissen up, you Yankee bitches – go back to New York and take your Super Bowl with you.  Next time you visit drive a snowplow, just so ya’ll can feel at home.  Check back with us when you’re having one of your 90-degree “heat waves,” and we can return the favor with some advice of our own: “Open a f***ing window, Yankee Icehole!”

The game, the thing you are down here for, is going to be played indoors and Aaron Rodgers will rule the carpet.  Green Bay 35, Pittsburgh 21.  Don’t choke on a chicken wing.

Here’s some football music, and some punk rock.  Why?  ‘Cause that’s how we roll down here in Texas.

MP3: “Flyin’ Helmets” by Kyle Turley

MP3: “I Hate Everything” by the Queers

MP3: “Life Of Pain” by Black Flag

MP3: “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over For Monday Night Football” by Hank Williams Jr.

MP3: “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker” by the Ramones

MP3: “Lombardi” with John Facenda

MP3: “Scentless Apprentice” by Nirvana

MP3: “I Like This Kind Of Party” by Sam Spence (NFL Films)

MP3: “Punk Rock Is Dead” by Michale Graves

MP3: “A Golden Boy Again (Up She Rises)” by Sam Spence

MP3: “Pain Is Inevitable” by John Facenda

MP3: “Complete Control” (live) by the Clash

MP3: “Be Savage Again” by John Facenda

MP3: “The Autumn Wind” by Sam Spence and John Facenda

MP3: “When The Shit Hits The Fan” by the Circle Jerks

MP3: “Born To Lose” by Sid Vicious

MP3: “My Way” by Sid Vicious

Update: Listen to Lil’ Wayne’s “Green and Yellow” Green Bay Packers fight song

Update: Listen to a bunch of Pittsburgh Steelers fight songs from WTAE, Pittsburgh

Update: Listen to and download “Go Pack Go! 2011” by Garbage

Update: A truly frightening amount of Steelers fight songs to download

One Response to “Punk Rock Super Bowl”

  1. The media loves to bitch about anyplace that’s not Miami, where it’s warm, or New Orleans, where they get drunk/laid/both. When the game was in Jacksonville a few years ago, they complained about it (mostly off the air) like it was Dubuque or something.

    The real debacle is likely to be when the game is in New York City in a couple of years. The NFL deserves a two-foot blizzard on the morning of the game–which would be awesome to watch, as long as you’re watching safely at home.

    Your mouth to God’s ear on the prediction. and thanks for the tunes.

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