Celebrate Earth Day with Pete Seeger

"This machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender." (Photo by Karl Rabe, Poughkeepsie Journal)

Tomorrow is Earth Day, intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the environment of planet Earth. Celebrate how you wish, or not, but remember that this is our home and the things we do to it, good and bad, will affect the lives of our children and the generations that come after them.

Here’s a story and video from our friends at the Poughkeepsie Journal about folksinger Pete Seeger, who is still waddling around causing trouble at age 91. Long an icon for the environmental movement, Seeger will perform for some kind of Earth Day benefit in New York state. Here is a link to the newspaper’s story about him, and to some truly gorgeous photos from Karl Rabe.

And we’ve included a video of Seeger talking about life and genes and Jesus. It’s here merely as a reminder that there are many Americans who are strong and smart enough to fight for what’s right, without any of the b.s. that politicians and TV pundits wallow in every minute. Pete Seeger is going to keep swingin’ until his last breath, and that is part of what makes him an American legend.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

MP3: “Throw Away That Shad Net (How Are We Gonna Save Tomorrow?)” by Pete Seeger

MP3: “It’s A Long Haul” by Pete Seeger

MP3: “From Way Up Here” by Pete Seeger

MP3: “Turn! Turn! Turn!” by Pete Seeger

MP3: “Oh Mary, Don’t You Weep” by Pete Seeger

MP3: “Living In The Country” by Pete Seeger

MP3: “To My Old Brown Earth” by Pete Seeger

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  1. Nice one. Thanks. W.

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