Blues For Monday, Part 2: Slim Harpo

You certainly cannot say we don’t respond to requests. Our good friend and ace photographer Art Meripol requested some more Slim Harpo today and here you go.

Slim, the alias for James Moore, came out of the Louisiana swamps in the 1960s with songs like “I’m A King Bee,” “Rainin’ In My Heart,” “Baby Scratch My Back” and many more. His music influenced many of the blues-based British invaders of the ’60s like the Rolling Stones, Them, the Pretty Things, the Yardbirds and early Pink Floyd. Even so, James Moore was never a full-time musician.

Let’s dedicate this set to the long-suffering people of Louisiana, who suddenly have another disaster on their hands. Surely God can give ’em a break one summer.

MP3: “Still Rainin’ In My Heart”

MP3: “Don’t Start Cryin’ Now”

MP3: “Tip On In (Part 2)”

MP3: “Hold Me Tenderly” (live)

MP3: “I’m Your Bread Maker Baby”

MP3: “Everybody Needs Somebody” (live)

MP3: “Shake Your Hips”

MP3: “Little Liza Jane” (live)

MP3: “Blues Hangover”

MP3: “Buzz Me Babe”

Art Meripol’s concert photography page

One Response to “Blues For Monday, Part 2: Slim Harpo”

  1. Sweeeeet! thank you.

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