More Mess O’ Monday Blues

Monday is a moody day, a mad day. It’s not a good day, it’s mostly a bad day. You got to do the things you blew off on Friday, hell the stuff you blew off all last week. You got the stuff you carried away on Friday afternoon, the things you should have said and the fights you should have had.

But Monday is also the beginning of something, maybe something new or maybe the same old shit. It’s the day you take the longest to get out of bed, the day that never gets to lunch time, the day that lights the fuse on the week that will explode.

Monday is the blues.

MP3: “Mopper’s Blues” by Muddy Waters

MP3: “Chicken Shack Boogie” by Amos Milburn

MP3: “Chitlin Con Carne” by Junior Wells

MP3: “Hey Bartender” by Floyd Dixon

MP3: “Take Out Some Insurance” by Jimmy Reed

MP3: “Mohair Sam” by Slim Harpo

MP3: “Good Looking Woman” by J.B. Lenoir

MP3: “The Blues Had A Baby (And They Named It Rock and Roll)” by Muddy Waters

MP3: “Steppin’ Out” by John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers

MP3: “Ball and Chain” by the Tedeschi Trucks Band

MP3: “Floating Bridge” by Gregg Allman

MP3: “Bus Driver” by Muddy Waters

One Response to “More Mess O’ Monday Blues”

  1. Thanks for the wonderful blues. i was interested in the “blues had a baby song”as I have a version by a couple of Aussie guys that is great and wanted to get a comparison.



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