Video Du Jour: Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against The Machine, America’s great rock champions against injustice, reunited this past weekend to headline the L.A. Rising festival, their first major hometown concert in a decade.

They played a roaring, raging set that left no one dissatisfied. After the show, bassist Tim Commerford said the group has been trying out new material, and vocalist Zach de la Rocha has promised a new album sometime soon. Guitarist Tom Morello, however, has said there is nothing new on the horizon for RATM – so we’ll see.

In the meantime, dig this video from L.A. Rising, with the band doing “Freedom” and “Killing In the Name.”

One Response to “Video Du Jour: Rage Against The Machine”

  1. Jules Loth Says:

    Nice to see The Machine throw out a taste of what they were best known for. Hope it builds into a full force play for a new record and touring. Who knows.

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