Bonus Video Du Jour: Erin Ivey

Erin Ivey

Austin’s Erin Ivey is as easy on the ears as she is on the eyes. I can’t believe I just wrote that. But it’s true – and this Texas sweetheart has a new album, Broken Gold.

Ivey’s music is tough to pigeonhole. One moment she’s crooning sweetly back and forth from French to English, the next she’s strummin’ a guitar and doing a folk song. She has the versatility and the range to make her a female counterpart to Bob Schneider, another Austin luminary, and that’s a compliment.

So you have a cute Texas gal with a sweet voice and a truly goofy sense of humor – what more do you need for the weekend?

YouTube: “Chocolate” by Erin Ivey and the Finest Kind

Erin Ivey official website

Erin Ivey’s Free Random Download of the Moment

Austin Chronicle‘s Jim Caliguri has an Erin Ivey song on his “Best of 2011, So Far” blog post (with a download link!)






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