Video Du Jour: Ana Popovic

Glad you were able to tear your eyes away from the album cover above – this is Ana Popovic, a blues guitarist and singer from Serbia. She’s currently touring the United States and Europe behind Unconditional, her latest album.

Born in Belgrade, Popovic recorded Unconditional at the legendary Piety Street studio in New Orleans with Grammy-winning producer John Porter. “When I think of the blues, I don’t see an old man with a guitar and a harmonica. The blues stands the test of time and is new and vibrant…The making of this record was a journey—of touching the basics again, of limiting myself to a very demanding and precise musical form. Only if you really feel it, know it and want it can you be the blues,” Popovic explains.

The video is a performance of the title track from the album. Although the music is awesome, the video feels a little odd to me – maybe they should be in a crowded, smoky nightclub instead of a big, spacious stage. The second video, “Slideshow,” just plain smokes. Kinda like Ana her own bad self.

YouTube: “Unconditional” by Ana Popovic

Ana Popovic official website

YouTube: “Slideshow”

4 Responses to “Video Du Jour: Ana Popovic”

  1. Jules Loth Says:

    Sweet Blues Sounds and easy on the eyes. Really like here smokey voice as well. Good Stuff!

  2. Ana is a great guitarist and singer and is the complete package.



  3. I just love this CD, I have let two police officers who work security where I work listen to the CD, and they both love it. I let a co-worker borrow it for his drive home, and he thinks it is great, and thinks Ana is awesome. I absolutely love her voice and she can just shred the guitar.

  4. Good music, beautiful smokey sultry voice…..enjoyed…..

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