Deep South: Lone Star Beer

You know how we love our Lone Star Beer around these parts – not really, but it somehow feels like you are not a true Texan if you don’t pop the top on a Lone Star every once in a while.

When I was in college, Lone Star was notoriously one of the “bitter” beers (Texans used to call it “horse piss in a can’) but now it’s not so bad. At least it compares respectably to your other “premium” beers … like, ah, Busch, Keystone and Miller High Life.

OK, so Lone Star is cheap beer. But it has become so ingrained into the Texas mythology that Lone Star is frequently sung about, and bartenders will be happy to slide a cold longneck into your palm any time you want.

If you can, grab a six pack of Lone Star for your next barbecue. Then watch as some lucky person plunges a their hand into the ice and comes up with a cold, dripping Lone Star – and a big Texas smile. Oh brother.

Here are some Texas drinkin’ songs; the ones marked with an asterisk contain “Lone Star Beer” in the lyrics, naturally.

MP3: “Lone Star Beer Commercial” by Two Tons of Steel *

MP3: “What I Like About Texas” by Jerry Jeff Walker *

MP3: “I Gotta Get Drunk” by Willie Nelson

MP3: “West Texas Holiday” by Pat Green *

MP3: “They Ain’t Makin’ Jews Like Jesus Anymore” by Kinky Friedman *

MP3: “Bad Liver and a Broken Heart” by Hayes Carll

MP3: “Bob Wills Music and Lone Star Beer” by Red Steagall *

MP3: “Drinkin’ For Two” by the Hollisters

MP3: “Outlaws and Lone Star Beer” by C.W. McCall *

MP3: “En El Cielo No Hay Cerveza” by Flaco Jiménez

MP3: “Lone Star Beer” by J.W.W. and the Prospectors *

MP3: “Goin Back To Texas” by Ed Burleson *

MP3: “Bar Exam” by the Derailers

MP3: “Up Against The Wall Red Neck” by Jerry Jeff Walker *

3 Responses to “Deep South: Lone Star Beer”

  1. “Waitry…waitry…I’ll have me a chicken-fried snake, ….. and gimme one of them long necks from Lone Star. They’re good, I’ll tell it to your face, they’re goooood.” A radio commercial from the late 70’s…where can I find it?

  2. 30daysout Says:

    Ah, I remember that one … have been looking for a copy of that myself. The great Kinky Friedman doing a commercial for Lone Star beer.

  3. “You know how we love our Lone Star Beer around these parts – not really, but …” No buts about it for me, Lone Star Beer is still the best grocery store beer, per dollar spent, that’s available in this state. Bitter it is, though just hoppy enough and that’s because it’s a pilsner type lager brew and needs nobody apologizing for it. As a fourth generation San Antonio guy, I grew up drinking Lone Star and still enjoy it even though it has not been produced in SA, Tx. for several years. That’s a shame but whoever bought the recipe seems to be doing an ok job of recreating the old LSB flavor made out on S. Roosevelt Street for generations. And btw, for several of those years Lone Star made the best true Bock beer you could buy each spring. Thanx for letting me chime in. Mel B

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