The music of “Parenthood”

The NBC Tuesday night drama follows the ups and downs of the Braverman family. It’s all-star cast features Peter Krause (Six Feet Under), Monica Potter, Lauren Graham and Craig T. Nelson as the crotchety, vietnam-era, hippie dad. It’s a good solid show with some good storylines, but the best part of the hour each week is the music.  The show is giving stellar unknown artists like Slaid Cleaves, James Blake (“A Case for You,” a Joni Mitchell is one of the most interesting vocals ever), The Lennings (who deliver a slow, folky version of “You’re the One That I Want” from Grease), Civil Wars, Fink, and AA Bondy just to name a few an outlet for their outstanding music. It even opens up a new avenue for veterans like Wilco and The National, both of whom should be on the radio, but are not.

I remember as a kid listening to the radio all the time. That was the place where you found new music and discovered up and coming artists. Not anymore. Now it’s just an endless loop of “Satisfaction” and the latest Britney Spears nonsense. TV is providing the medium by which we can now find heartfelt new tunes by true artists looking for an audience. Two thumbs up to shows like Parenthood, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, and the late, great ER for giving these artists the chance to be heard.

Parenthood Official Music Website

“You’re the One that I Want” by The Lennings

“Skull and Bones” by AA Bondy

“Another Kind of Blue” by Slaid Cleaves

“A Case of You” by James Blake

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