Houston is Mission Control For Out-Of-This-World Radio

Now that the space shuttle program is over, NASA recently launched something completely different. Third Rock Radio is an internet radio station “crafted specifically to speak the language of tech-savvy young adults,” as NASA says in its news release. The station plays indie and alternative tunes mostly from new rock albums along with the occasional radio-friendly hit.

The station is being developed and operated at no cost to the government through a Space Act Agreement. Third Rock can be reached by going here and will soon be available through NASA iPhone and Droid mobile applications. NASA is collaborating with Houston-based RFC Media to launch the station, so the new station’s Mission Control is located in Houston.

“Today’s 4G audience craves new music and enjoys finding it,” says Pat Fant, RFC Media co-founder and chief operating officer. Fant is a Houston radio veteran who helped launch Houston’s heritage album rock station, KLOL (101.1 FM), in the 1970s and launched the Buzz format at KTBZ (now at 94.5 FM), in the mid-90s.

“We’ve pulled out the best songs and the deepest tracks from a full spectrum of rock artists across many styles and decades,” says Fant. “NASA features and news items are embedded throughout the programming alongside greetings by celebrity artists.”

Third Rock also will help partner companies fill high-tech job openings in the engineering, science and IT fields. In addition to the NASA Web Portal, the station will be available online in the future at the radio tab of Apple’s iTunes and other sites.

Listen to Third Rock Radio here

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