Video Du Jour: Danny O’Flaherty and Noel Nash

We’d like to introduce you to a couple of really fine singer/songwriters, Danny O’Flaherty and Noel Nash. We have known Danny a long time – from Galway, Ireland, he made his way down to East Texas in the early 1980s to perform as part of acoustic trio. He still lives in Texas, although now he is a sought-after balladeer who’s expanded his territory considerably. Nash we don’t know – he is also Irish and is a veteran songwriter and entertainer.

The two have put out a new CD, The St. Patrick’s Day Anthem, and here’s a little bit of nostalgia from it, “The More Things Change.”

Danny O’ Flaherty official website

2 Responses to “Video Du Jour: Danny O’Flaherty and Noel Nash”

  1. Cove Geary Says:

    Thanks for posting, this is terrific!

    Both of these guys spent a lot of time in New Orleans. They would play together regularly about town in the 1980’s, until Nash moved away. I have an old cassette tape that Nash releaed. Danny O’Flaherty operated an Irish bar in the French Quarter for several years, and when we lived in the French Quarter in the 80’s, my wife and I spent a great deal of time there listening to him play and drinking Irish beer. We did get kicked out once, though, for talking. Danny likes quiet, and that’s understandable. O’Flaherty’s bar closed some time before, or maybe upon, Hurricane Katrina.

    Where can I find the CD? I don’t see it on Amazon. It would be a wonderful St. Patrick’s day gift for my parents.

  2. Email Danny at and he will fill you in on how to order.

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