Video Du Jour: Brendan Benson with Eric Burdon

Eric Burdon performing at South by San Jose/Gram Parsons Foundation party.

Sorry we keep bringing up our recent trip to Austin, but … you gotta see this. It’s Brendan Benson, the excellent rock singer/songwriter, performing at a party for the Gram Parsons Foundation. Suddenly he introduces Eric Burdon, former lead singer of the Animals – and away they go, on “When I Was Young.” It was one of those performances that literally makes your hair stand up if you are lucky enough to witness it in person. Sorry we couldn’t embed the video, but you can see it at this link:

Video: Eric Burdon and Brendan Benson at Gram Parsons Foundation party, SXSan Jose Austin (corrected link)

Go to the VenueOne home page to see more information about the Gram Parsons Foundation event, which was an unofficial part of SXSW. The entire lineup of acts, including Blitzen Trapper and Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons, will be streamed on April 5.

Eric Burdon home page

2 Responses to “Video Du Jour: Brendan Benson with Eric Burdon”

  1. The new link for this track is!/1547946766001/Brendan-Benson/When-I-Was-Young-feat-Eric-Burdon

    The rest of the acts from the Gram Parsons Foundation’s event is available on the site too!/archive

  2. 30daysout Says:

    Thanks Aaron!

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