Video Du Jour: John Lennon

My son is getting ready to graduate from high school, and still sort of flailing around as he attempts to narrow down what comes after. This is traditionally a rough time for everyone in this position, and the current atmosphere of uncertainty about everything (jobs, war, society in general, etc.) just adds more tension to the whole affair.

As with countless generations before, dad is no help – I believe I have lots of good advice, but the son is not willing to listen. And why should he?  He has to find his own way, so the wisest suggestion I can offer is from the Book of Paul: “Let it be.”

Here’s a bit of observation from the flip side: the Book of John. “Working Class Hero” was a touchstone for me, way back in those days. John Lennon’s message is not one of hope or optimism but it is brutally honest. It’s a comment on the choices a person makes, the choices a person is presented and ultimately, the sacrifices one must make to get along in this world. Consider this a graduation gift.

John Lennon official website

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