36 Years Out: Elvis Presley Memorial Day

Elvis in velvet – he died 35 years ago today.

What can you say about Elvis that hasn’t already been said before?

Much can be said about his death, which happened 36 years ago today (August 16), give or take a few hours. His death may have affected more people than anyone else – well, maybe not.

As young as he was when he died (42 years old), listening to his work one gets the impression he left behind no unfinished statements in rock and roll. Elvis said it all –  when it needed to be said, and how it needed to be said.

His influence is deep and profound, and we still mourn his loss today. Amen.

MP3: “That’s All Right”

MP3: “Walk A Mile In My Shoes”

MP3: “Got My Mojo Working/Keep Your Hands Off It”

MP3: “Do The Clam”

MP3: “Promised Land”

MP3: “Shake, Rattle and Roll”

MP3: “Good Rockin’ Tonight”

MP3: “Burning Love”

MP3: “True Love Travels On A Gravel Road”

MP3: “Blue Moon of Kentucky”

MP3: “Such A Night”

MP3: “I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water”

MP3: “A Little Less Conversation” (JXL Remix)

MP3: “Are You Lonesome Tonight” (live, laughing version)

YouTube: “Trouble/Guitar Man” from the 1968 NBC-TV Singer Christmas Special (“The Comeback Special”)

2 Responses to “36 Years Out: Elvis Presley Memorial Day”

  1. Thanks for the wonderful Elvis shares. Never appreciated him until later in life.



  2. hermoso homenaje el rey de reyes!!

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