Ah! Football Time!

Will Arian Foster (23) run away from opponents and send the Houston Texans to the Super Bowl? We hope.

Even though professional football’s season started earlier this week with the Dallas-NY Giants game, everything gets under way in earnest this Sunday with a full slate of pro games across the country.

Colleges and high schools teed it up last weekend, so with the kickoff of the pro season we’re definitely into football – and fall, no matter what the weatherman says.

For our part, we’ll be rooting for our hometown Houston Texans who apparently have a good chance to go to the playoffs and beyond this year. We’ve been down this road before; high expectations have a way of blowing away in a Texas blue norther. So we’ll see. Go Texans.

We like dose New Orleans Saints (Who Dat?) and the good ol’ Green Bay Packers; they should make things interesting this season. And in the AFC, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots, always a couple of powerhouses, could be challenged this season by the Ravens and the upstart Texans.

Can Peyton Manning conjure up his old magic with a brand new team? Will Tim Tebow get a chance to pull off an upset again this year? Do you think we can take a look at Miami rookie QB Ryan Tannehill’s smoking hot wife one more time? Please?

No matter who you’re pullin’ for, we suggest you enjoy some football this fall.

Until 1996, Houston’s football team was the Oilers. Here’s a taste of that freakin’ Oilers fight song.

And this one is done by George Kovacik and Jeff Balke of Orange Is In, this blog’s house band.

We understand you may not necessarily be a Houston Texans fan. We don’t know why, but we understand anyway. So for those few of you out there who are not Texans fans, here are some other favorite football songs for your listening pleasure.

MP3: “The Autumn Wind” with John Facenda

MP3: “Lombardi” with John Facenda

MP3: “Pain Is Inevitable” with John Facenda

MP3: “Be Savage Again” with John Facenda

MP3: “A Golden Boy Again (Up She Rises)”

MP3: “November” with John Facenda

MP3: “The Pony Soldiers”

MP3: “75 Seasons Suite”

MP3: “Luv Ya Blue/Houston Oilers No. 1” (excerpt)

Listen to Lil’ Wayne’s “Green and Yellow” Green Bay Packers fight song

MP3: “Big Bad Earl” by Tom Cantrell with Dink and the Ooettes

MP3: “Let’s Get Fired Up” by Zig and the Gaboon Gang

MP3: “What It Was, Was Football” by Andy Griffith

MP3: “Backfield In Motion” by Mel & Tim

MP3: “Who Dat?” by Trey Banks and J. John

Listen to and download “Go Pack Go! 2011” by Garbage

MP3: “Flyin’ Helmets” by Kyle Turley

MP3: “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over For Monday Night Football” by Hank Williams Jr.

And do you remember Faith Hill? Of course you do. This is the best thing she’s ever done!

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