Video Du Jour: Randy Newman

Singer/songwriter Randy Newman returns to the smart-ass attitude that made him famous with a new song, “I’m Dreaming.”

It’s a brutal observation on the racial subtext of the current presidential race, and Randy’s lampooning those people who can’t get past the fact that the current U.S. president just happens to be black. You know who you are.

Beyond that, I’m not sure if there is another point he is trying to make but you are welcome to dig in and figure it out for yourself. At the very least, it will be good practice if you plan to vote this November.

You can download this song for free at the Nonesuch Records site

7 Responses to “Video Du Jour: Randy Newman”

  1. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:
    If you are going to be an ass, it’s best to be a smart-ass — way to go Randy!

  2. I’ll be voting black this election just like last election when I was so proud to be an American living in a country that was no longer bigoted. There are many reasons I will vote for President Obama, the primary reason is he believes in a woman’s sovereignty over her own body and he has the uppity notion that women are equal, that we are all united as a nation working together toward a better future.

  3. Most folks I know that are against him can’t get past the Muslim ties. My entire family had to call a political detente, no politics discussed in the presence of my pa or my husband; neither understand the concept of agree to disagree. We live in a frightening age, my friend.

  4. For the last time EVER: Barack Obama does not have ‘Muslim ties.’ This guy is as Christian as they come, and just because his parents chose to name him they way they did, that doesn’t make him any different than all other Catholic POTUS that came before. Not that there is anything wrong with it, of course. It’s just that to perpetuate this claim, turned into a slur by Fox News and Rove & Co., only makes it all incredibly more complicated that it already is. But I totally understand the heated debates in many homes across America. Despite the decent guy that he seems to be (and not such a great president, after all, but the jury’s still out on that one) we can only hope that at least his presence in the WH has already advanced a bit the discussion on race relations in this country. As for religion freedom, the situation may only improve the day when we finally elect an atheist. Maybe the one who succeeds our first woman president.

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  6. I have said it all along and I’ll say it – sigh- again. Barack Obama is the scapegoat for the national (unhealed) wound of racism. Time to work this one out, people. Be honest with yourselves, then maybe there’s a chance to move beyond it.

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