And Now A Word From … Jimmy Cliff


Jimmy Cliff will “Get Happy” on Super Bowl Sunday.

Volkswagen’s Super Bowl spot for Sunday’s big game is already pissing off some people, and it hasn’t aired yet.

It features a white guy in an office building, speaking in a Jamaican accent to implore his coworkers to chill and “get happy,” before taking a couple of them for a spin in his VW beetle. The P.C. types are already offended, apparently because the Jamaican accent and the office character stereotypes are “offensive to people of color and multiculturalism.”

Whatever – perhaps you’d like more beer commercials with hot chicks in bikinis (well, now that you mention it …)? You think Volkswagen’s ad agency planned it this way, so they can get some cheap heat before the commercial airs (the 2011 VW Super Bowl commercial was memorable, last year’s was not)?

Anyway, one reason we like the ad is that it features reggae great and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Jimmy Cliff singing in the background. Doing “C’mon, Get Happy,” no less: that was the theme song of the old TV series “The Partridge Family.”

The ad will run during the second quarter of the Super Bowl, so catch it. Or, if you are a fan of lowly music blogs giving giant corporations free advertising, via YouTube below. Ain’t America great?

Bonus (even more free advertising): Teaser spot for the Super Bowl spot, with more of Jimmy Cliff singing “C’mon, Get Happy”

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