This is a music blog that will feature anything and everything having to do with good music. The blog name “30 Days Out” is taken from the title of a Bruce Springsteen song that was the b-side to the “Leap of Faith” single in 1993. You will see and hear everything from Bruce to Elvis Costello to Ozzy Osbourne showing his behind at OzzFest (don’t ask) to a guy at SXSW 2007 claiming he was “question mark” from  “? and the Mysterians.” 

My name is George Kovacik and my partner on this blog is Denny Angelle. Denny used to write about music for the Associated Press (AP) and other high profile publications. At one time I wrote and produced a daily music segment for KTRH Newsradio 740AM in Houston, so we both know a little about music.

All music posted on this site is for review purposes only … if you like what you hear, please go out and purchase stuff from these artists.  We post music only to give you a taste of the album or artist we’re writing about.  In most cases, the music is removed after two weeks or so – sooner if nobody clicks on to listen.  We do not profit from this blog; we do it because we love the music.  We understand that some people consider posting their copyrighted music is an infringement at best and a ripoff at worst; however we always add a link to the artist’s official website or record label site so interested readers can purchase the music.  We do not mind promoting any artist.  On the other hand if you are a copyright owner and wish to have a link removed please contact us and we will happily do so.

17 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi George and Denny!!!


  2. This blog is great. You two are funny, and should really consider writing for a living. And yes, I should be working.

  3. ameripol Says:

    Hey Denny, linked you on my blog too and just posted one about that Kiss show we saw back in about 1979 in the CajunDome. Course I had to mention you. I’m finally exploring deeper in 30daysout and spreading the word too. Hope to be in H-town soon to hoist one with you.

  4. Randy
    I have started an online sportswear business and would like to have you hyperlink to my site, http://www.sublimesportswear.com, with a two-word text link of “Polo Shirts”. For your effort you may select one of the polo shirts on my site and I will send it to you at no cost. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

    Thanks again,

  5. I’d like to send along music and news for 30 days out, what is the best email to send you the artists I work with?

  6. 30daysout Says:

    Send it right here! We approve all e-mails before they’re posted, so if you have some good stuff we’ll get back to you and do it up right.

  7. Hi guys, we love the site! How do we contact you privately? I do not see a contact page. Thanks!

  8. Just found you today. Terrific stuff, particularly on the Loss Leaders–I’ve got a bunch of these taking up space on my shelves. Keep up the good work.

  9. harvey m. kahn Says:

    Glad you’re still kicken Denny..You drew cartoons for my underground paper “The Golden Triangle Free Press” in 1973-75..I later w/see ya at PA News w/I worked on the rim..U never asked for a cent and helped a lot..I’ll never forget..harvey m. kahn—san bernardino, ca

  10. Luis Blanco Says:

    Hi gentlemen…what’s up Denny! Who writes what? I wanna read Denny’s stuff, how do I find it? I don’t see bylines. PLease help.

  11. Dave Marshall Says:

    I really enjoyed ‘This Is The Story – The Jean Terrell Years’ because it was put together with care and thought (though sadly lacking written contribution from the lady herself) with photographs I’d never seen before and brilliant tracks. I’m anxious to get Volume 2 ‘The Scherrie Payne Years’ but just read that it’s called ‘The Last Sessions’ – what happened to Scherrie Payne here? Can’t be true that Mary Wilson veto’d the title? REALLY? But then, the woman is probably still seething from not being on the (great) Return To Love tour back in 2000. Someday We’ll Be Together? Not in our lifetimes.

  12. Hi Denny and George, how are you guys? My name is Mike Maimone, writing for my band Mutts.

    Please download our new release – We Float EP – from our EPK:

    We’d love for you to listen and give us a review here on 30 Days Out. If you would like a physical CD and press kit in the mail, please get in touch. There’s so much great music out now, so we sincerely appreciate your time and consideration. We’re giving away 3 EPs in preparation for a vinyl LP release and tour this fall. Please feel free to link to a song or the entire EP for your readers to enjoy (http://download.muttsmusic.com would be preferred if you do link to the whole EP).

    Thank you for writing about music, and I hope you enjoy checking out our tunes!

    Mike Maimone / MUTTS

  13. Hey Guys,

    Good work on the blog! i especially like the humility from two such experienced people who are obv. so close to their music.

    Basically because of the above – I’m from Australia and work with a bunch of Australian acts, I’d like to send along music and news for 30 days to check out out.

    Some of our acts include:

    Katie Noonan: http://www.myspace.com/katienoonan
    Skipping Girl Vinegar: http://www.myspace.com/skippinggirlvinegar
    The Drones: http://www.myspace.com/thedronesthedrones

    If you’re keen guys let me know, but Cheers for reading either way!

  14. hey guys i’m from toronto but currently living in London UK, came across your blog and enjoying everything about it..Have a listen to my band
    if you like it all i ask you past it on let others have a listen..i really do like the site

  15. Harvey M. Kahn Says:

    Again Denny:
    You sent me an article from your site about JJoplin and how you went to school with her brother..I’m writing some more, there can’t be enough.
    Can you offer some input for me. I think you lived a mile from the Joplin’s?—san bernardino, ca

  16. Greetings from San Francisco! A quick shout out, to let you know my boyfriend and I love your site. We appreciate the time and love you put into it, and dig plenty of your recommendations. Also, an apology for not commenting nearly enough. Thanks again, for doing the good work, and thanks for sharing The Beat WIthin website too. Means a lot to us. Giving voice to the voiceless. Respects, Lisa

  17. Chicago’s Jackpot Donnie blends reggae, hard rock, funk and blues on their newest release, Mayday!, produced by Steve Gillis (former drummer for the band Filter) at Transient Sound Studios in Chicago.

    The EP streams at http://jackpotdonnie.bandcamp.com/ and review consideration is greatly appreciated.

    Link back to: http://www.jackpotdonnie.com/


    Jackpot Donnie

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