Randy Fuller, L.A. correspondent


Randy Fuller can be heard daily doing drive-time traffic, mornings on Sirius L.A. Traffic Channel and afternoons on L.A. news/talk radio KABC.  He writes a wine blog for 661 magazine in California, as well as the excellent Now and Zin blog about wine.


3 Responses to “Randy Fuller, L.A. correspondent”

  1. do u have pics or video of the misfits show @hob?


  2. Carly Plank Says:

    I really enjoy reading your 30 days out blog, and I have found a lot of cool music through reading the blog. I have been on a Fleetwood Mac kick lately, and I started looking into earlier Fleetwood and some Buckingham-Nicks stuff. I was pleasantly surprised by some bootleg recordings of a Buckingham-Nicks tour stop in Mobile, Alabama in 1975 or 76. If you can’t find these recordings, I would suggest searching youtube for “Frozen Love,” “Crying in the Night,” “Blue Letter,” “I Don’t wanna know,” “Lola,” “Monday Morning” and the early Buckingham-Nicks cut of “Rihannon”- almost a punk version, but its really good. Some of these songs (Monday Morning, Rihannon, Blue Letter, I Don’t wanna know) were later covered/recorded by Fleetwood Mac, but the live Buckingham Nicks versions are really stunning. Just something to check out if you have the time.

  3. […] Note: This was written by our good friend and L.A. correspondent Randy Fuller, who is also a wine […]

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