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SXSW Report: Folk and Metal

Posted in SXSW with tags , , , , , on March 21, 2009 by 30daysout


Madness, indeed.  The weather can’t be more perfect, and the crowds cannot be any larger.  Chicks with boots are everywhere, so are hipsters in black skinny jeans and those haircuts found in the special section of the picture book.  More than 1,600 bands (acts) are performing this weekend, and any effort you make to take as much of in as you can is eventually pathetic.



Our highlights so far include this nifty band from Seattle, Telekinesis, which has a sort of Death Cab for Cutie pop sound.  They did one song, “Tokyo,” which plants its sharp little hooks in your fleshy parts.  We saw them at the great Home Slice Pizza and had a slice, too.

That showcase is just one of the many, many free things you can do at SXSW.  In fact these day parties or side parties easily outnumber the so-called “official” events and are much more fun.  Our buddy Ken Shane is a fully accredited member of the press, and although he’s weary from catching bands and schlepping all over town, he’s also going to hear speakers as part of the music conference.

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