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Forward Into The Past: The Beatles Remastered

Posted in Review with tags , , , , , , on September 10, 2009 by 30daysout


Sometimes it seems like they never left: the world momentarily stands still every time the Beatles release a new album.  Did you notice that the lads have been in the media lately? You can thank “The Beatles: Rock Band” for that, as well as the release today of meticulously remastered stereo and monophonic versions of the Beatles’ albums.  The group’s 12 original studio albums – plus a few newly created collections of singles – were issued on CD in 1987, but this new package has a sonic heft that benefits from two decades of technological improvements.

You can buy ’em as a pricey box set ($260 for the stereo, $298 for the mono) or you can purchase the individual CDs (stereo only) but unless you’ve never owned a Beatles album before, it may not be worth your money.  You don’t need a sophisticated stereo system to hear the difference – Paul McCartney’s bass rumbles, Ringo Starr’s drums take on a new sophistication, George Harrison’s guitar work stings and rings, and John Lennon is revealed to be one of the finest singers in rock and roll.  These boys were pretty good.  But you already knew that – so it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it to hear that all again.

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