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Art Project: LP Covers On The Wall

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If you can’t play ’em, frame ’em! All of the LPs shown in this post each contain the original vinyl.

Somewhere along the way, my hobby just got out of control. At one point I had literally more than a thousand vinyl LPs on my hands, and no way to listen to any of them.

That was more than a decade ago – now I have a spiffy new turntable, and I’ve cleaned house by unloading box loads of LPs at our friendly neighborhood record store. But I stumbled upon another tactic, and my kids really appreciate it.

You can take your old LPs and turn them into art objects – frames made especially for 12-by-12 albums are easy to find, and with just a small investment you can make every day Record Store Day.

My daughter’s Beatles shrine.

Those old album covers, often with eye-popping photography and graphics, are a lost art. A few years ago I found some of those frames on sale at the great Waterloo Records in Austin, and in my house that art is no longer lost.

My daughter created a Beatles shrine with a Rubber Soul LP and some vintage Fab Four press photos. My son is now the proud owner of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Clash and Big Brother and the Holding Company’s Cheap Thrills, all displayed above his Spider Man bedroom curtains.

You can find the LP frames (look for that designation on the packaging) for as little as $9.98 or for as much as $14.99. Try Urban Outfitters, Half Price Books (in some states), Hobby Lobby or your local record seller. You can also try shopping online, but the price goes up with shipping and such.

And one other thing: when I frame an LP cover, the original vinyl goes in with it. Who knows, one day one of my kids may lift the album out of its frame and play the record inside. What a great time capsule.

Makes a nice time capsule, too!

Psychedelia meets Spider Man.


30 Days Out Exclusive Interview: Sam Andrew of Big Brother & the Holding Company

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Big Brother

Clockwise, from top left: Sam Andrew, James Gurley, Dave Getz, Peter Albin and up front, Janis Joplin

This year is, of course, the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival and there is promise of many celebrations to mark the occasion.  One of the most auspicious will be August 15 in Bethel, New York, on the site of the original festival: the “Heroes of Woodstock,” featuring Mountain, Canned Heat, Ten Years After, Country Joe McDonald, the Levon Helm Band, Jefferson Starship and Big Brother and the Holding Company.   This lineup is also touring the country; check tour dates here.

Big Brother was one of the iconic rock bands of the late 1960s, and with the Grateful Dead and the Jefferson Airplane they defined the “San Francisco sound. ”  The band made its biggest splash live in 1967 at the Monterey Pop Festival, and on record a year later with the giant hit Cheap Thrills.

Guitarists Sam Andrew and Peter Albin founded Janis_Joplin_-_Cheap_Thrills-frontBig Brother in 1965 and the band had some success playing around the Bay Area.  Then one day they were introduced to a singer from Texas who would become the group’s frontwoman – Janis Joplin.  She wasn’t yet the force of nature singer she would later become, but it didn’t take long.

Today, Big Brother and the Holding Company is comprised of original members Andrew, Dave Getz and Peter Albin, along with guitarist Ben Nieves and different female singers; Sophia Ramos is the most recent singer.

Even as Cheap Thrills topped the charts and was selling millions, Joplin and Andrew left Big Brother to form the Kozmic Blues Band.  The Kosmic Blues Band – not Big Brother – are the group backing Joplin at Woodstock, and in this exclusive interview with Sam Andrew, he reminds us this will be his first appearance onstage at Woodstock.

30 Days Out: Can you tell me a little about this new tour? Are you going to do full sets or because you are on a large bill do you have to present an abbreviated set?

Sam Andrew: There will be a lot of bands on this tour, so we will do the hits, tunes like “Combination of the Two,”  “Down On Me,”  “Summertime,”  “Ball & Chain,”  “Piece Of My Heart. ”  I’m not sure how much time we will have.

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Goodbye School, Welcome Summer

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grad photo

It’s time to throw away the school books and start the summer.  Hope these songs will help you do that.

MP3: “High School Confidential” by Jerry Lee Lewis

MP3: “School Is Over” by Steve Guyger

MP3: “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper

MP3: “Summer School” by City Center

MP3: “Keep An Eye On Summer” by the Beach Boys

MP3: “School’s Out” by Greensky Bluegrass

MP3: “California Sun” by the LeRoi Brothers

MP3: “Summer On Signal Hill” by Killer Joe

MP3: “Summertime” (live) by Big Brother and the Holding Company

MP3: “School’s Out” by Krokus