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Review: “Valleys of Neptune,” Jimi Hendrix

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For a guy who only released three or four albums in his lifetime, Jimi Hendrix is certainly more prolific in death.  No less than 10 different albums of new studio material have emerged in the 40 years since Hendrix’s death, and today we see the release of the 11th such album, Valleys of Neptune.

It’s part of a joint effort by the Hendrix estate and Sony, cataloging and reissuing everything that Hendrix recorded.  Valleys of Neptune contains seven previously unreleased studio tracks and five new recordings of some well known songs.

A lot of this stuff was recorded in 1969 after the release of Electric Ladyland using a variety of back-up musicians.  The original Experience (Mitch Mitchell on drums and Noel Redding on bass) play on many of the cuts, including “Fire” and “Red House,” cut for Hendrix’s 1967 debut Are You Experienced?

There are also a couple of excellent cover tunes, including an Elmore James blues, “Bleeding Heart,” originally released on 1972’s War Heroes but included here as an alternate, extended version.  The fireworks really go off on Cream’s  “Sunshine Of Your Love,” played as an instrumental with Jimi’s guitar pyrotechnics taking center stage.

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Your Sister’s (Record) Rack: Billy Cox’s Nitro Function

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My sister continues to surprise me.  Today I found in her room a record that even I had never heard of, at least until I did a little research on it.  It’s called Nitro Function by Billy Cox.  Man, how is she coming up with this stuff?

Billy Cox is a dude who is best known for playing bass in Band of Gypsys, a band which is best known of course for having Jimi Hendrix as the guitar player.  Band of Gypsys was Hendrix’s backing band after he dissolved his Jimi Hendrix Experience in 1969.  Billy Cox actually was an old Army buddy of Hendrix, and after Hendrix dismissed Experience bassist Noel Redding he called on Cox.

Cox played bass behind Hendrix at Woodstock, and he played in a number of bands with Hendrix before Jimi got famous.  And of course, Cox played bass on the Band of Gypsys album that came out in 1970, just three months before Hendrix’s death.  In 1971 Cox put his own band together; the guitarist is Charlotte “Char” Vinnedge, guitarist and singer for the all-girl 1960s garage band the Luv’d Ones, and drummer Robert Tarrant.  At first glance the result would appear to be very much like Ramatam, another band with a Hendrix alumni and a chick singer/guitar player.  But no – I like this one a little better because the chick guitarist is pretty good.

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