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Video of the Week (Double Shot): Beach Boys

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Here are a couple videos from the Beach Boys, early 1970s style.  Both seem appropriate for now because the Boys are apparently freezin’ their asses off in each video.

The first is the ecologically conscious “Don’t Go Near The Water” from 1971’s Surf’s Up.  This lineup of the Beach Boys features, of course, Blondie Chaplin on guitar and vocals (far left when you can see the full band) and Ricky Fataar on drums.  The hairiest members are Mike Love (who looks like he’d much rather be someplace else), Carl Wilson (nice hat!) and Al Jardine.  Dennis Wilson’s holding down the keyboards in place of Big Bro Brian, who’s probably at home in Calfornia where it’s much warmer.

The second video is “You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone,” with the same lineup except this song is from 1972’s Carl And The Passions – So Tough.  Although it was written by Brian Wilson (with Jack Rieley) he’s still not in the video.  Carl sings lead and wears the same fuzzy hat in this one, shot on a rooftop someplace a la the Beatles and “Get Back.”  Could they be in Holland- they cut an album there in 1972 which became, uh, Holland.  Actually, they’re in Brighton, England, south of London in the cold winter of 1972 (see comment below).

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Rock Moment: A Rolling Stone goes Face to Face in Houston

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McLagan and Wood, Continental Club Houston 2005

If you’ve gone to more than a few rock shows, or if you like to see musicians playing in small clubs, you probably have heard of these once-in-a-lifetime shows, where somebody really famous unexpectedly jumps onstage in an unlikely spot.  I always wondered if I’d ever experience one of these unique occasions – and five years ago it happened.

December 2005: The Rolling Stones are touring behind their latest album, A Bigger Bang, and tonight’s show is in Houston’s downtown Toyota Center.  At almost the same moment as the “World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band” cranks up its show, another group of musicians are setting up a few miles away in the Continental Club.  A small but devoted crowd of people are gathered at the Continental to see Ian McLagan and the Bump Band, from just down the highway in Austin.  McLagan is, of course, the keyboard genius who powered the Small Faces and the Faces in the 1960s and 1970s.  And his Bump Band this night consists of drummer Don Harvey, bass player Mark Andes and guitarist “Scrappy” Jud Newcomb – crack musicians all.

Ian McLagan, left, with Mark Andes at the Continental Club in Houston

There’s a buzz going through the admittedly small crowd: will there be a mini-reunion of the two members of the Faces in town?  Guitarist Ron Wood has been with the Rolling Stones since 1975 but before that he was McLagan’s bandmate in the good-timey Faces.  The buzz gets louder as the Bump Band takes the stage and rip into “Little Girl,” from their first album.  Seeing a music legend like McLagan up close, you can’t help but marvel at your good fortune – these guys play free happy hours most Thursdays in Austin’s Lucky Lounge and occasionally make the 165-mile trek to Houston to make even more people feel lucky.

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