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Your Sister’s (Record) Rack: Bloodrock

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It’s always pretty weird when you find out someone in your family is freaky.  Well, at least as freaky as you are.  It was quite a shock to think my big sister could be freaky, but what other conclusion could I come to – I found Bloodrock 2 in her bedroom.

Now back in the day, bands like Bloodrock along with their label- and touring-mates Grand Funk Railroad were pretty much reviled by the highbrow music critics.  Music by these bands was considered to be heavy music-lite, manufactured for a teenaged audience much like Hannah Montana and the Jonas Bros. music is today.  It was like teenagers of the early 1970s weren’t mature enough to handle Led Zeppelin or the Jefferson Airplane or Mountain – they needed their own music that was PG-13 (actually back then it was “M” – look it up).  Critics also said the same thing about Black Sabbath when they came out about this time – and look where Sabbath is now (the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame).

Bloodrock came from Fort Worth, Texas, and they started out with lead singer Jim Rutledge and a guitar player named Dean Parks.  The band originally called itself The Naturals, then they were Crowd +1; in the late 1960s Parks left to become the musical director for Sonny and Cher’s TV show and he was replaced by guitarist Lee Pickens.  The band changed its name to Bloodrock around 1969 and they linked up with producer Terry Knight.

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Bad Trips: Ridiculous Psychedelic Music, Part 2

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Welcome back, brothers and sisters.  Time to kick out the jams with our five lamest psychedelic excursions ever.  Watch out for flashbacks!

5. Captain Beyond featured in its first lineup singer Rod Evans (the original lead singer for Deep Purple) and drummer Bobby Caldwell, who later played with Johnny Winter and Rick Derringer.  Their self-titled debut, released in 1972, featured this incomprehensible piece of gibberish.  If you are truly unlucky, you will encounter a modern version of Captain Beyond at the wrong end of an oldies show.  You’ve been warned.

MP3: “Dancing Madly Backwards (On A Sea Of Air)” by Captain Beyond

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