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November 30, 1984

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For thousands of fans who piled into The Summit in Houston to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band on Nov. 30, 1984 it was just another concert. However, for me, it was a night that changed my life. As soon as The Boss yelled “One, two, three, four” and went into a blistering version of “Born in the USA” I knew I wanted to be a singer in a rock and roll band.

The show was phenomenal. His energy was incredible. We heard everything that night; “Jungleland,” “Racing in the Street,” “Thunder Road,” “Johnny Bye Bye, “Cadillac Ranch,” you name any of his best songs and we saw them that night. I thought the roof was going to come off the building when they went into the “Detroit Medley.”  It was the best the concert I had ever seen.

The next day my brother and I were in the garage with a couple of other guys putting a band together. I was playing drums at the time, but one day I decided to try my hand at singing. The first song I sang in front of people was “Dancing in the Dark.” While it wasn’t even close to  great, it felt great. Since that time I have been in three different bands, and have been the lead singer for two. While I haven’t experienced 1/1,000,000th of the success of Mr. Springsteen, the experience of writing, recording, performing and singing has enriched my life in more ways than I can count. I thank Bruce for that night and for giving me the inspiration to do what I always knew I wanted to do, but never had the courage to try.

“Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

“Dancing in the Dark” by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

“Bruce and Michael” – Summer of 1984

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The summer of 1984 was an interesting one. I was going into my junior year of college, I got a job delivering Pepsi-Cola in the hot Houston summer (one of the hardest jobs ever) and I was dumped by the same girlfriend, not once, but twice (it’s a long story, so don’t ask). However, I do remember this summer fondly for one reason…the music.

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Friday is Boss’ Day: “Working On A Dream Tour” set list

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I’ve seen Bruce on every tour (except for Devils & Dust and the Seeger Sessions) since Born in the USA, which means I’ve seen him do a lot of songs more than once.  Don’t get me wrong, I love “Night,” “Prove It All Night,” “She’s the One” and “Atlantic City” but I don’t need to hear them again this time around.  If I had a chance to map out a set list for the upcoming Working On A Dream Tour, it would include some gems like “Racing In the Street” and “I Wish I Were Blind” that I have only heard once and others like “With Every Wish,” “Restless Nights,” “Frankie,” “Pink Cadillac,” “The Price You Pay” and “Drive All Night” that I have never heard live before.

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Friday is Boss’ Day: Live, Houston 1984

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Photos by Art Meripol.  Visit his photo blog here.

In early October, 1984, it was announced that Bruce Springsteen was coming to The Summit on Nov. 29. Tickets were to go on sale at 6 a.m. at the Houston Astrodome, however, the line up was at 3 a.m. Yes, 3 a.m. This was before the days of the lottery, so where you were in line was where you were in line. Thousands of us braved an unusually cold October morning in anticipation of purchasing tickets to the hottest rock and roll show on the road.

Springsteen was riding an unbelievable wave of popularity. Born In The USA was a monster album, he was constantly being played on the radio (those were the days), and on MTV and he had quickly become one of my idols. I had to get a ticket to this show. There were no ifs, ands or buts, I had to get in.

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