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Happy New Year!

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This is probably is the place where we should be counting off the best albums or songs of 2009, or of the decade, but we’re not gonna do that today.  And it would also be appropriate to make a New Year’s resolution or two.  OK: 1. We’re going to keep on rockin’ in the New Year.  2. We resolve to help you rock in the New Year.

But we want to take this opportunity to restate our mission: to share with you some cool music and interesting stories throughout the year.  We love the music, and we hope that 30 Days Out in some small way reflects our deep love for rock, blues, country, soul, folk and whatever.

If you are an artist and you don’t appreciate us posting your song, please let us know and we’ll remove it promptly.  But please don’t do like this one guy, who posted a link to our blog with the headline “Why Are They Stealing My Song?”  Dude, we’re not stealing anyone’s song – we always identify the artist and, when it’s brand-new music, include a link to his or her website.  Who else is doing that for you?  We like it enough to share it with our readers.

And we’re happy to do it for free.  Take a look around – there’s no advertising here, so it is pretty obvious we’re not doing this for any kind of profit.  In fact, I’m a professional writer in my day job … should I charge myself for writing blog posts?  I do this because I love the music, and so does my partner on this blog.

Finally, we’re approaching 500,000 readers since we started this blog in the spring of 2008, so the only thing left to say is … thanks.  Thanks to all of you, we appreciate your support and hope you keep reading and visiting us in the New Year.  Happy New Year and Keep On Rockin’.

Here are a few tunes to help you ring in the New Year.

MP3: “Corrido de Auld Lang Syne” by Little Bobby Rey & Band

MP3: “Rock and Roll Party” by Iggy Pop

MP3: “Happy New Year” by Lightnin’ Hopkins

MP3: “Sing The Changes” (live) by Paul McCartney

MP3: “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?” by Ella Fitzgerald & the Frank DeVol Orchestra

MP3: “The Great Hank” (live) by Robert Earl Keen

MP3: “Party At Ground Zero” by Fishbone

MP3: “Don’t Taser Me, Bro” by Carbon/Silicon

MP3: “Happy New Year, Baby” by Johnny Otis & His Orchestra

MP3: “With A Little Help From My Friends” by Jefferson Starship & Friends (live at Woodstock 40th anniversary, Bethel Woods NY, 8/15/09) (R.I.P. James Gurley, of Big Brother and the Holding Company)

Friday Extra: Hot n’ Fresh!

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Let’s take a little break from our Christmas music onslaught and share some tunes we’ve been bobbing our heads to lately.  Jenny Lewis, the comely former child actress-turned-rock-singer, has a scorching new solo album out.  Acid Tongue is a major effort from this indie darling – its straightforward rock has hints of of jazz, folk and soul.  And it’s kind of all-star affair: M. Ward, Chris Robinson (Black Crowes) and Jonathan Rice make appearances, as does our old buddy Elvis Costello, on the tune included here.  As a bonus, we’ve tossed in the duo’s rockin’ appearance on the David Letterman TV show a while back.

MP3: “Carpetbaggers” by Jenny Lewis with Elvis Costello

YouTube: Jenny Lewis and Elvis Costello on “Late Show With David Letterman”


Speaking of chick singers, try out the latest warbler from across the pond: Adele, from South London, who has been making some waves stateside with her album 19.  At the moment she seems to be a U.K.-only phenom but don’t count her out just yet; “Cold Shoulder” just may be enough to warm you to her charms.

MP3: “Cold Shoulder” by Adele

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Halloween Pot Luck

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OK, we have a bunch of random stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere so we’ll just throw it up … For your Halloween weekend enjoyment.  Some rough language here; discretion advised. 

MP3: “The Grand Ole Opry (Ain’t So Grand Any More)” by Hank Williams III

MP3: “Woke Up This Morning/Why Do Men Fight?” (live) by Carbon/Silicon with Alabama 3

MP3: “Dalmation” by Nils Lofgren

MP3: “What’s Victoria’s Secret?” by Rick Springfield

MP3: “I Wouldn’t Treat A Dog (The Way You Treated Me)” by Mick Hucknall

MP3: “Can Your Grandpa Rock and Roll Like This?” by Albert Lee

MP3: “You Better Move On” by the Levon Helm Band

MP3: “It’s A Long Way To The Top” by Lucinda Williams

Summer, Final Edition 2008

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Summer’s fading away – so here’s a grab bag of summer, sunshine, beach and just cool songs, some new and some old.  Enjoy!  (Thanks to L.A. correspondent Randy Fuller for some of the songs and mashups you find here.)

MP3: “Summer, Highland Falls” (live) by Billy Joel

MP3: “Constructive Summer” by The Hold Steady

MP3: “Summer Of Pain” by Witch Hats

MP3: “Special Bong Olympics” by Barking Spiders

MP3: “The Inconvenience Of Truth” by Carbon/Silicon

MP3: “Lost Coastlines” by Okkervil River

MP3: “Long Summer Days” by the Moody Blues

MP3: “Sunshine Lies” by Matthew Sweet

MP3: “Sun Is Shining/Sunshine Superman” by MaxwellJump

MP3: “Claire De Lune” by the Tomorrow Men

MP3: “Czar Of The Surf Guitar” by the Illuminoids

MP3: “The Boys Of Summer” by the Ataris

MP3: “Ain’t No Sunshine/Lonely Avenue” (live) by Isaac Hayes

Bonus video: “Help Me, Rhonda” by Al Jardine, Steve Miller and Flea

Rock Moment: When Radio Was ‘Live’

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Once upon a time, radio was the great communicator.  Radio was totally of the moment – in the late 1950s through the earthshaking times between 1967 and 1970 – and it conveyed an immediacy, an urgency, that seismic changes were taking place in the culture.  Television, on the other hand, was more uptight and conservative and born to follow.  Today, radio’s preeminence has been eclipsed by the internet.

Some radio programmers were not content to merely play the latest hits.  They wanted their music live, so they went to the source and plugged right in.  The British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) in the 1960s pioneered this practice, inviting top-of-the-pops groups like the Beatles, the Kinks and the Moody Blues to perform in their studios with little or no overdubbing.  The live-to-tape shows were then broadcast as a package later.

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Review: “The Last Post,” Carbon/Silicon

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Mick Jones, guitarist from The Clash, is a punk-rock legend and a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and that’s pretty much all you need to know when plunging in to The Last Post, Jones’ new album with former Generation X guitarist Tony James.  Jones was responsible for many of the Clash’s best and most melodic songs, and his songwriting skill is evident in riff-fests like “The News” and “The Whole Truth.”  Many of the lyrics are vaguely political but way more laid-back than Jones’ other punk band.  But many of these songs — “The News,” “Why Do Men Fight?” and “Really The Blues,” particularly — get into your brain and won’t get out.  The album’s centerpiece, “What The F***,” appropriates the riff from “Clash City Rockers” to let you know what Dostoyevsky used to say — it works as either a so-what shrug or an in-your-face challenge.  These grandfathers of punk are probably real grandfathers now, but there’s no power lost in the straight-ahead rock of The Last Post.  Crank it up.

MP3: What The F***

Carbon/Silicon official website

Notes from SXSW 2008 Part 1

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Finally finished soaking the tired feet after SXSW 2008, it was another fine few days in Austin.  You usually wind up standing around about 35 minutes for every five minutes of music, but it’s worth it if you made your choice wisely. One of those good choices was Carbon/Silicon, the post-punk guitar band featuring Mick Jones (The Clash) and Tony James (Generation X).  I’m happy to report, this is closer to Clash than to Big Audio Dynamite – crashing guitars ripping through riff-fests like “The News” and “Soylent Green.”  The boys slashed through five songs for Minnesota Public Radio, then showed up at Waterloo Records the next day for more.  We’d heard rumors that maybe Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) may show up at Waterloo to jam with his old West London mates, but no luck.  Still … catch Carbon/Silicon if you can – they’re the real thing.   You may want to check out Minnesota Public Radio’s live broadcast site at The Current .

Carbon/Silicon official website