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Rock Moment: Cheech & Chong, Part 2

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Cheech and Chong, reunited and touring the country, hit Houston this weekend.  The darn thing is sold out – again – so I’m certainly not going.  But on March 14 they’re swinging this tour through San Antonio, conveniently just in time to maybe, ah, drop in a few days later in Austin at, uh, South by Southwest.  Not spreadin’ any rumors, mind you, but …

Anyway, here are some more cool Cheech and Chong downloads and as a bonus, a remake of “Earache My Eye” by Korn with Cheech Marin reprising his character “Alice Bowie” from the 1974 original. 

MP3: “Welcome To Mexico”

MP3: “Acapulco Gold Filters”

MP3: “Pedro And Man At The Drive-In”

MP3: “Earache My Eye” (album version)

BONUS: MP3: “Earache, My Eye” by Korn and Cheech Marin

Cheech & Chong official website