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Film of the Week: “Le Noise,” Neil Young

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It’s been a harrowing week at work, and we apologize for not tending the blog recently.  We have some pretty decent stuff coming real soon (tomorrow), promise.  In the meantime, try this: Watch the premiere of Neil Young’s film Le Noise, featuring performances from his new album, of the same name.  You can’t beat noise!

Neil’s Garage – Neil Young official website

Video of the Week: “Walk With Me,” Neil Young

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Neil Young’s new album is Le Noise, out this Tuesday.  Young and producer Daniel Lanois recorded the album in a Los Angeles mansion earlier this year.  The songs and the recording process have some of Neil’s usual weirdness: He only recorded on nights when there was a full moon and brought out his big white electric Gretsch guitar, which was used to record some of his most famous records in the late ’60s and early ’70s.

Think Weld, and you pretty much have the approach you need for Le Noise.

Neil’s Garage – Neil Young official website

Stream the entire album courtesy of NPR

Review: “No Line On The Horizon,” U2

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Quite a few people have been eagerly anticipating U2’s No Line On The Horizon, particularly because it’s been five years since the Irish uber-rock band released their last studio effort.  And this new album is pretty good; at times it’s “Magnificent” (to steal the title from one of the highlight songs) but falters a bit in the middle.

The good news first: U2 has reunited with Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois, the producers who helped them to their greatest successes (The Joshua Tree, The Unforgettable Fire, etc.).  Although the band recorded some music with Rick Rubin, they have shelved that work in favor of a more textured sound with Eno-Lanois.  The first four songs are brilliant: from the title track that kicks off the album to the radio-ready “Magnificent” and “Moment Of Forever” and the breathtaking Edge guitar solo that closes out “Unknown Caller.” 

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Review: “Tell Tale Signs,” Bob Dylan

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Certainly no one who knows anything about American popular culture needs to be informed about Bob Dylan’s monumental importance.  He was an powerful musical (and social) force in the 1960s, and his influence is felt even today.  Which brings us to Tell Tale Signs: Bootleg Series No. 8, a two-CD collection of outtakes, unreleased and live tracks from 1989-2006.  Dylan has always reinterpreted his own songs in different ways, and the new set gives listeners an opportunity to hear some familiar songs differently, and to hear some gems that never made it to the released albums.

Even though the 27 songs on the two-disc set were recorded over an seven-year period, they flow together rather well in this collection.  And I must confess: I’m a long-time Dylan fan, but the Bootleg Series always seemed to me kind of superfluous and a transparent moneymaking ploy.  But after listening to Tell Tale Signs straight through, I’m ready to reassess – these tunes hold together at least as well or better than the albums they were intended for (Oh Mercy, Time Out Of Mind, Love And Theft and Modern Times).  Songs written for the first two albums were produced by Daniel Lanois, and his dark and swampy influence only heightens the artfulness of songs like “Dreamin’ Of You” and “Can’t Wait.” 

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Diggin’ Up Some Dylan

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Mark your calendars for October 7, which is the release date for Tell Tale Signs, a multi-disc set of unreleased Bob Dylan material from the last few decades.  Rarities, outtakes and alternate versions of songs from Oh Mercy (1989) through Modern Times (2006) appear on this set, the eighth installment of Dylan’s “Bootleg Series.”

And you can buy it in three configurations: a standard two-disc package with 27 songs, a “limited edition” set with a bonus disc containing 12 songs; and a four-LP vinyl version including all the elements of the two-CD set. 


Lest you think Dylan’s totally in it for the money, for a limited time you can go to his website and download a free MP3: “Dreamin’ Of You,” produced by Daniel Lanois and left off the Grammy-winning Time Out Of Mind (1997).  To get the download, you have to sign up for Bob’s e-mail list.  Don’t worry, it’s free.  Too bad you can’t also download a full-size Bob Dylan face, good for turning into a mask for scaring away trick-or-treaters.  

Just kiddin’ – I love ol’ Bob and I’m sure you do too.  The free download is pretty good and come October 7 it will be time for my boot heels to be wanderin’ … down to  the local record store for a copy of Tell Tale Signs.

Bob Dylan official website