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Lost Classics! Steve Goodman

Posted in Lost Classics! with tags , , , on September 4, 2008 by 30daysout

Our hometown heroes the Houston Astros shut down the wild Wrigley Field crowds the past three days and possibly hastened the Chicago Cubs’ inevitable free fall.  Whenever I see the Cubs my mind always produces a flash of singer Steve Goodman. 

Goodman was a singer-songwriter of the 1970s, he was a familiar face to anyone who watched TV shows like “The Midnight Special” or “In Concert” (late-night ABC) or “Don Kirschner’s Rock Concert.”  Goodman was playing in Chicago in 1971 when he encountered Arlo Guthrie and forced Guthrie to listen to a song he’d written.  “City of New Orleans” was the song, and it went on to become a huge hit for Guthrie in 1972; later it would be covered by many others including Johnny Cash, John Denver, Judy Collins and Willie Nelson.

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