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Why Pink Floyd?

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Unauthorized photo from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame showing part of the Pink Floyd "The Wall" exhibit

Don’t know about you, but I spent most of this past weekend listening to Pink Floyd. I admit it, I bought into the hype of the new “Why Pink Floyd?” campaign that started last week with a massive re-release program encompassing remastered CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, SACD, an array of digital formats, viral marketing, iPhone Apps and a brand-new single-album ‘Best Of’ collection. Kind of like the Beatles remastering onslaught from a couple of years ago.

Guess the boys stopped bickering long enough to agree on stuff like a remastered Dark Side of the Moon in two different versions: a two-CD “Experience” set, and a six-disc “Immersion” edition.  You can read about all of the different versions here.

It would be great if we could look forward to a tour with the surviving Pink Floyd members (founder Syd Barrett died in 2006, keyboardist Richard Wright passed in 2008) but Roger Waters and David Gilmour have made it very clear they can’t stand each other. Roger Waters is currently touring with his version of The Wall and he promises to come back for more U.S. dates in 2012; David Gilmour tours fitfully and when he does he leans heavily on Pink Floyd material – so who knows? there may be some kind of grand finale to all this.

In case you want to buy something you haven’t bought two or three times before (I happen to own Dark Side of the Moon in formats including regular LP, Half Speed Mastered LP, 8-track tape, cassette tape, CD, remastered anniversary CD and most likely one of the new remastered versions) – Best Buy in the States has an exclusive six-track “sampler” that includes a couple tracks that won’t appear for a while.

In addition to remastered versions of the familiar “Money,” “Wish You Were Here” and “Another Brick In The Wall Part 2” the sampler features an alternate version of “Have A Cigar” with Gilmour/Waters singing (instead of Roy Harper) and a full-band demo of “Another Brick In The Wall.” Best Buy offers the sampler online, but  international buyers will need a U.S. address to get it delivered to, as Best Buy won’t ship abroad.

So enjoy Pink Floyd this week … I will offer you something not available in the campaign, the four selections played by a reunited Pink Floyd at Live 8 in 2005.

MP3: “Speak To Me/Breathe/Breathe (Reprise)”

MP3: “Money”

MP3: “Wish You Were Here”

MP3: “Comfortably Numb”

Pink Floyd official website


Review: “Live In Gdansk,” David Gilmour

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Recorded during the 2006 tour for David Gilmour’s On An Island, the new Live in Gdansk relives some of the best moments of Gilmour’s solo work and dips deeply into the Pink Floyd catalog with a few surprises tossed in.  This two-disc set was recorded at Poland’s Gdansk Shipyards, the spiritual holy ground for that country’s freedom movement, with a full philharmonic orchestra.   Not that you’d notice – the versions here closely approximate what you’d hear on the studio cuts, but they are impeccably played here.  This is not a bad set at all … disc 2 is completely Pink Floyd, and Gilmour dusts off the psychedelic “Astronomy Domine” and “Fat Old Sun” as great surprises in the set list and tops those with a 25-minute version of the classic “Echoes.”  Awesome.  A couple more, “High Hopes” and “A Great Day For Freedom,” are from the latter-day Floyd (without Roger Waters) but they fit well in this company.  And this album is worth having because it is most likely the last recorded appearance of Richard Wright, original Pink Floyd keyboardist, who is part of the band for this memorable concert. 

MP3: “A Great Day For Freedom” (live)

David Gilmour official website

Rock Moment: Pink Floyd Reunion, 2005

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After years of saying “never,” Pink Floyd’s classic lineup reunited June 12, 2005, at the Live 8 charity event in London.  Roger Waters, who acrimoniously quit the band in 1984, seemed quite genuinely thrilled to be onstage again with David Gilmour, Richard Wright and Nick Mason.   After the monster success the band achieved in the 1970s, the others began to resent Waters’ dictatorial control of Pink Floyd.  Nevertheless, after he left to go solo Mason and Gilmour successfully sued to regain control of the Pink Floyd name and successfully mounted a couple of world tours. 

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Rock Moment: When Radio Was ‘Live’

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Once upon a time, radio was the great communicator.  Radio was totally of the moment – in the late 1950s through the earthshaking times between 1967 and 1970 – and it conveyed an immediacy, an urgency, that seismic changes were taking place in the culture.  Television, on the other hand, was more uptight and conservative and born to follow.  Today, radio’s preeminence has been eclipsed by the internet.

Some radio programmers were not content to merely play the latest hits.  They wanted their music live, so they went to the source and plugged right in.  The British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) in the 1960s pioneered this practice, inviting top-of-the-pops groups like the Beatles, the Kinks and the Moody Blues to perform in their studios with little or no overdubbing.  The live-to-tape shows were then broadcast as a package later.

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